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Highlights of 5 Days Beijing Discovery Tour

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Destinations: Beijing

* During this only Beijing Tour you will enjoy and see many famous Beijing facts, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, ancient tombs, Beijing Hutong, Summer Palace, Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing Opera….

Day 1
Entry Beijing
Beijing: Municipality of Beijing is one of the four municipalities of China, the capital of P.R.C. the old translated name is Peking. It is the political, economic, cultural, and scientific center of China. Its city site was located in over 3000 years ago, known as the world famous historic and cultural ancient city. Beijing has the world's biggest international trade centre—China World Trade Center, the world biggest ancient palace—Forbidden City, the world oldest and longest wall—Great Wall, the world biggest royal garden—Summer Palace...

Day 2
Highlights Today:Tiananmen Square; Forbidden City; Temple of Heaven; Beijing Roast Duck Dinner.

Forbidden City: used to be the imperial palace of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1616-1911) dynasties. There are over 9,000 unique ancient royal buildings in the city. Visiting this intact grand palace complex, you will have a wonderful taste in numerous works of art, and you will unveil mystery of the royal family life in the ancient times.

Tiananmen Square: is the world's largest open ground, it was the front gate of the Imperial Palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Trip to the Tiananmen Square, tourists can see the soldiers guarding the Chinese national flag, the stately Monument to the People's Heroes, the old Tiananmen Rostrum, the Great Hall of the People, revolutionary statues, marble ornamental cloud pillars...

Temple of Heaven: literally the Altar of Heaven, it is a place where the emperors offered sacrifice to Heaven and pray for bumper harvest. This beautiful traditional temple is the largest complex of existing ancient sacrificial buildings in China.

Beijing Roast Duck Dinner: Beijing Roast Duck has enjoyed the reputation of "the Most Delicious Dish under Heaven" for centuries. It isthe famous food that Beijing has to offer. Most visitors who come to Beijing must have a bite.

Day 3
Highlights Today: Badaling Great Wall, Ming tombs, Sacred Way, Kungfu Show

Badaling Great Wall: Chinese Great Wall was originally built in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC), 12,600 kilometers in length. It has been considered the greatest of the ancient military projects in the world. And the Badaling section of Great Wall is known as one of the nine famous passes in China, which was built in 1505AD.

Sacred Way: an attractive 7-kilomtetre-long-tree-lined way which leads to the Ming Tombs, bordered by 12 sets each of animal and human statues, and includes the attractive Great Red Gate, housing a stele on the back of a tortoise, and marble memorial archway. This way is the main way among the sacred ways of the Ming Tombs.

Ming Tombs: built during 1409-1644, it is the mausoleums of 13 emperors, 23 queens, over 30 imperial concubines and a eunuch of the Ming Dynasty. Because of its long history, palatial and integrated architecture, this site has a high cultural and historic value.

Kongfu Show: Kungfu (Kongfu), or Chinese martial art, is an ancient and mystic Chinese personal defense skill, has a history of several thousands of years. The Kongfu show now is on the stages of the theaters has English subtitles shown above the stage. The show is all kungfu, dance and acrobatics, the actors do not speak. It is the fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional arts, looks spectacular, stunning and wonderful. (Can be substituted by Beijing Opera)

Beijing Opera: also known as Peking Opera. It is a comprehensive performing art that combines music, singing, dialogue, pantomime, acrobatics and martial arts. It has a history of over 200 years and regarded as the national opera of China. (Can be substituted by Kumgfu Show)

Day 4
Highlight Today:Beijing Hutong (Beijing Old Lanes); Summer Palace

Beijing Hutong: Hutong is a product of the Yuan dynasty (1206-1368), it means "water well" in Mongolian. These unique street designs are, in fact, innumerous old interlaced narrow lanes with courtyard houses built on each side. Hutong is the epitome of Beijing folk life, which has been studied with the courtyard houses for many years as a kind of culture of Beijing.

The Summer Palace: First built in 1775, covering an area of 300 hectare, it is the top one among the most famous four ancient Chinese gardens. This royal garden notes for its ancient trees, lake, the Marble Boat, water system, ancient street and the over 3000 different style buildings including halls, pavilions and pagodas…(Capable of being exchanged by Grand View Garden)

Grand View Garden: aka Daguanyuan Park, located in Xuanwu District southwest of Beijing, it is the replica Daguanyuan, the magnificent garden of an imperial family described in the world famous novel Dream of Red Mansion (or translated Dream of Red Chamber, it is one of the most four famous ancient Chinese novel). Covering an area of 13 hectare, this classical garden includes over 40 famous attractions that are described in the novel, which illustrate the main plots of the novel. (Capable of being exchanged by Summer Palace)

Day 5

No Highlights Today

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Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven
Beijing Hutong
Beijing Hutong
Summer Palace
Summer Palace
Beijing Roast Duck
Beijing Roast Duck
Kongfu Show
Kongfu Show
Grand View Garden
Grand View Garden
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