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Zengzi Slaughters a Pig

Zengzi's wife was going to the market place. Her little son insisted on going with her, making a tearful scene. "Stay at home," she said to the boy. "When I come back, I will slaughter a pig for you." When she came back, Zengzi got ready to slaughter the pig. His wife stopped him, saying:"I was just kidding." "A child is not to be kidded like that!" he replied. "A child does not know much and cannot judge for himself. He learns from his parents and listens to what they say. To lie to him is to teach him to lie to others. If a mother lies to her son, he will not trust her anymore. How is she then to educate him?" With that Zengzi went to slaughter the pig and prepare a good meal for their son.


Note: Zengzi (505-432B.C.) is one of the most famous disciples of Confucius.


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