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Lijiang Cuisine

What to Eat in Lijiang City?

Lijiang of Yunnan is a cultural destination with delicious food. Most of the good restaurants in Lijiang are located in the old town, and many have very high standards of cooking, producing a wealth of tasty local specialties and dishes. The food is wonderful, but almost as important, it is accessible to foreigners with English and pictorial menus available at most restaurants. Because of its proximity to Sichuan, hot pot was ubiquitous.

Lijiang Yak Meat

Yak meat, a local specialty, was ubiquitous. Peppered among the other souvenir shops, yak meat stores were were doing a brisk business and offered displays much like those in Italy (substituting yak for ham hock ) as well as vats of yak meat prepared fifty different ways. One could also purchase small colorful packages containing individually wrapped morsels to take home to friends and loved ones.

Lijiang Snacks

Street food and snacks were also very popular with pots of simmering goodies dotting the small lanes. Naxi pancakes (looked much like Northwest Indian fry bread), deep fried dragon flies, and so on.

Where to Eat in Lijiang, Yunnan?

Lijiang delicacies are characterized by refreshing tasting dishes and mellow soups. Then where to eat in Lijiang? The most popular places and restaurants to eat in Lijiang are: the Gucheng Restaurant, the biggest restaurant in the old town, serves up authentic Lijiang cuisine and the Qinyun Naxi Specialty Restaurant is the best place to sample authentic Naxi specialties such as eggplant good with peanuts and Naxi fried rice.

As the tourist industry develops, more and more restaurants have begun serving western food, and their cooking standards are fairly good. Among these places, the Bridge Cafe serves good western food and the best coffee, and the Old Market Cafe is popular with foreign travelers and is the best place to get access to travel information


Naxi folk houses
Naxi folk houses
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