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Beijing Nightlife & Entertainment

Beijing has a flourishing entertainment industry. As the night veil befallened, bars, Karaoke & night clubs all open their doors. Some special shows featuring the local culture such as the Beijing Opera, Chinese Kungfu Show and Chinese acrobatics shows are increasingly popular among foreigners.

Nightlife& Activities

Beijing Opera 
Acrobatics Show  
Beijing Hutong
Kungfu Show  

Beijing Pubs & Bars

The nightlife in Beijing has always been good with bars open all hours. From grunge to cocktail, jazz to lounge bars Beijing has everything. There are bars of all shapes and sizes, some hidden in old houses, some high up in tall buildings. Whatever your interest, and whatever your budget, Beijing should be able to accommodate you – sit back and have the good time! Following are some good places to find out your favorite pubs or bars in Beijing:

Houhai Bar Street
Sanlitun Bar Street  
Chaoyang Park area
Baoli Theater
Laoshe Tea House
Shicha Lake (The Three Rear Lake)


a queen's portrait of the Qing dynasty
a queen's portrait of the Qing dynasty
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