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Guilin NightLife & Entertainment

Guilin has a very active nightlife and entertainment activities. Various night shows featuring the colorful ethnic culture of the region are staged everynight in theathers or hotels. Many dance clubs, coffee shops, and pubs are open late into the night. You'll have places to go all the night.


Guilin Nightlife& Activities

Show of Impression Liusanjie Dragon Nationality Show
Dreamlike Li River Foot Massage
Garden Night Show at Royal Garden Hotel Guiju Opera
Night cruise on the Two Rivers and Four Lakes


Guilin Theaters

Guilin Li River theater
12 Binjiang Lu, Guilin

his theater specializes in big stage shows and events. It is the venue for the nightly Longji show at 8.00pm. The one-hour performances have a unique style which is rarely seen elsewhere in China, as they originate from the life and traditions of the minority people living in the mountainous Longji region of Guangxi Autonomous Region.

Gui Opera Theater
2 Jiefang Xilu, Xiufeng District, Guilin

Features performances of Gui Opera.

Dreamland Theater
95 Qixing Lu, Guilin

This is the venue for the nightly Dreamland Li River drama, a fairy tale of the creation of Guilin. In a remote and ancient time, the beautiful living things of the forest are living in harmony until the land cracks and the sky collapses, killing all the plants. The Greenleaf Fairy descends from heaven and restores everything to order and bringing into being the beautiful mountains and waters of Guilin.
Performance begins at 7.00pm every night.


Guilin Pubs & Bars

Most of the night clubs and bars are found on the Zhengyang Walking Street close to the central square.

Pubs & Bars Rank Pubs & Bars Rank
Baidu Recreation Arlun Story Saloon
Fucheng KTV Guilin Grand Kara Okay
Mingxiang Tea Bar Spectacular Night Club
Wanghu Pavilion Tea Art Cafe Yiren Saloon


Visional Li River
Visional Li River
Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
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