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Hangzhou Nightlife & Entertainment

    Hangzhou, with its long history of high culture and its modern booming economy, offers the best of traditional Chinese entertainment alongside the bars, discos and karaoke rooms that are part of life in every big city today. As a modern metropolis, tourists can get wholly relaxed at night spending the night in a bar, pub, discos or appreciating the Evening of Westlake Performances.

    Hangzhou Pubs & Bars

    Hangzhou is like a melting pot which incorporates various cultures from various countries. And as the typical representative of its rich culture, pubs & bars here are enchanting and fascinating to many tourists to Hangzhou. There are all kinds of pubs and bars to the tastes of different tourists during their Hangzhou tour.

    Casablanca Country Pub
    Hangzhou Milan Bar
    Kana Pub Shamrock
    Traveler's Pub
    Reggae Bar
    LA Disco

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Dancing girls and Longjin tea
Dancing girls and Longjin tea
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