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Lijiang Nightlife & Entertainment

    How to spend the night time in your Lijiang tour? What entertainments are available in Lijiang? People of different ages, coming from different places can choose to enjoy the tranquility of the ancient town. For the young girls, what they like best would be shopping. There are a lot of small stores in Lijiang, selling various kinds of interesting handicrafts or snacks. These stores will be open till 12:00PM, so tourists can be fully satisfied. The interesting local cultures will also entertain you, the cultural activities are very interesting and mysterious. There would be unique experience during your travel to Lijiang, Yunnan.


    Nightlife Activities

    Dongba Music Mountain&River Show

    Lijiang Pubs & Bars

    Night Bars and Pubs have become indispensable attractions of Lijiang, if you don't go gars in Lijiang, you can't say that you have fully enjoy the night life of Lijiang. People can hold a guitar and sing along with the soft melody, or dance to the joyful music. In the bars, you can taste various delicious dishes and drink the beer, talking to friends or just staying alone, enjoying the precious tranquility which cannot be found in big cities. Lijiang, may be an ideal place to calm your soul as well as your mind.

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Naxi folk houses
Naxi folk houses
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