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Shanghai Nightlife & Entertainment

    Shanghai has the most colorful nightlife & entertainment activities in China, with cinemas showing foreign and chinese films, and theatres featuring opera, dance, drama, acrobatics and puppets. The famous shows include Huangpu River Cruise Acrobatic Show, Shanghai Circus World and so on.


    Shanghai Pubs & Bars

    Nightclubs and bars are always booming in Shanghai. Barflies now have a great deal of choices. Live rock and jazz with dance club scene's DJs, foreign and local, to keep the young guys rocking. If you're a bar and club lover, you'll find a good place for your Shanghai tour in the following list:

    Old Times Bar
    Cloud 9 Cotton Club
    Judy's Too
    George V Glamour Bar
    JZ Club Live Bar
    Full House
    Mural Sasha's
    Shelter The Bund Brewery
    Face Bar
    1931 Pub


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