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Suzhou Nightlife & Entertainment

    As an ancient city situated at ground zero of the Chinese economic boom, Suzhou has plenty of entertainment options both traditional and modern. Anyone interested in Chinese opera should put a Kun Opera performance on their Suzhou itinerary. Also known as "kunqu", this colorful form of traditional musical theater is much-loved by the Chinese and has had a deep influence on most forms of Chinese opera. If you're coming in July, you may be able to catch the Kunqu Opera Festival. A few of Suzhou's theaters feature regular kunqu performances: inquire at your hotel, or at the Suzhou Kaiming Theater. Lovers of Western classical music will find that there are good concert halls in Suzhou with regular appearances by top-flight Chinese and international artists.

    Suzhou is not only an old city full of thousands years of history, but also an open modernized metropolis. Entertainment here, the same as this city, is like the two-sided embroidery, having the modern charm as well as the traditional elegance. You can enjoy the extensiveness and profoundness of the traditional entertainment by taking part in all kind of fashionable and modern entertainment projects. You may join the revelry teams that celebrate the folk custom festival, go to the garden to enjoy Kunqu opera or Pintang, to listen to the storytelling in a tea shop; go to the bar for drinks, or go for a Night Garden Show in the Master of the Nets Garden.


    Nightlife Bars & Pubs

    Suzhou Bar Street - Shiquan Street
    Address: No 441, Shiquan Street
    There are most of the night bars and pubs in Shiquan street of Suzhou, where this is a main gathering place for tourists. The bars offer rock, blues and pop music; also facilitate with pool, darts and other games. Here you can enjoy the cheaper wine, warm service, good food and pool games during your suzhou tour.

    Suzhou Canglang Culture Entertainment Area
    Address: No 75, Fenghuangjie, Canglang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu

    MYinhe Dancing House
    Address: No 24, Liuyuan Lu, Suzhou

    South Frigid Zone
    Address: No 228, Xi Lu of Huoqiu District, Suzhou

    Wolong Night Club
    Address: Renmin Lu Le Qiao, Canglang District, Suzhou

    Jiale Entertaiment City
    Address: No 43, Canglang District, Suzhou

    Chunmeng Food & Entertainment City
    Address: No 548, Renmin Lu, Suzhou

    Taile Entertainment City
    Address: No 27-2, Pufusi Lu, Pingjiang District, Suzhou

    Asia Dreaming Paris
    Address: No 8-18, Shi Lu, Jinlv District, Suzhou


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