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Xian Nightlife & Entertainment

    Nightlife and entertainment in Xian is considered by many travelers as one of the indispensable part of their Xian travel plans. Xian won't disappoint them in this aspect. Travelers will find their requirements satisfied at Xian numerous bars, Karaoke & night clubs while tourists with delicate hearts can fill their night time seeing some special performances such as the Tang Dynasty Show, shadow shows.

    Nightime Activities
    Chinese Shadow Foot Massage
    Music Fountain Tang Dynasty Lotus Gardern
    Tang Dynasty Show at Tang Paradise

    Xian Pubs & Bars

    Pubs & Bars are essential parts of Xi'an nightlife and entertainment. Although night clubs in Xi'an are not abundant since the hip-hop culture is not popular in the city, there are hot atmosphere of night pubs and bars crowded along the short Nandajie, where you can also eat on the street as there are restaurants open past midnight. Especially in summer time, the area around South Gate is beautiful. East of it are nice bars with terraces and gardens: 1+1 Disco (pronounced "yi-jia-yi" in Chinese) remains one of the most popular clubs and definitely the most popular amongst foreigners; find this place at 285 Dong Dajie, a 15-minute walk from the Drum Tower. Salsa, probably the most popular club, is your best bet on Fridays and Saturdays. The Castle Bar is a good place for business talk and dating. Defu Xiang, next to the South Street, is a lane with more than 20 coffee bars. Blow are some good pubs & bars name list in Xian:

    1+1 Disco Club
    Salsa Club
    Castle Bar Jubilance Bar
    No. 21 Bar Old Gun Bar
    Shallow Bay Bar


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