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Diecai Hill

Diecai Hill is called Diecai Shan by the Guilin locals. It is located on the banks of the Li River and is just a bit south of Fubo Hill, within easy walking distance (about 15 minutes). The thin shape of the hill and lush greenery around make it resemble brocaded fabric, therefore is also named Folded Brocade Hill. The park is renowned for its natural beauty, caves and bird aviary.

Diecai Hill

Like so many of Guilin's hills it is filled with caves. Its main cave is called Wind Cave, which is filled with Buddhist carvings as well as inscriptions and poems. There are also several beautiful paintings carved into the cave's interiors. It is said that these paintings are very rare in China. Another cave in the park is called Wooden Dragon Cave (in another hill). It Stone Painting and Inscription overlooks another park. It offers great views of Guilin.

Guilin Decai Hill

Standing in the "Cloud-catching Pavilion" on Moon Peak (the highest peak), you can get a commanding view of the Li River, the Solitary Beauty Peak, Fubo Hill (Wave-subduing Hill) and the and Downtown Guilin. The railings on the peak are covered with brass locks. Each lock has an inscription on it. It is for lovers. It is believed that if you buy a lock, have it engraved, lock it onto the railing and throw the key down that your good luck will last as long as the hill. Obviously many people believe it because there were thousands of locks there.

Birds in Decai Hill

There is an aviary in the Park. It is filled with full grown trees and has a pond and a building which houses a stone museum. It is big. It is filled with many indigenous birds. The birds are not afraid of people, and if you buy a little cup of ground corn they practically attack you.

A Bird in Diecai Hill

Diecai Hill Park is quite a long sprawling hill. It is not very high and can be climbed in a half an hour to an hour.


Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
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