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Ling Canal

The Ling Canal (Ling Qu) is situated in Xing'an County, 66 km north of Guilin. It was built during the 2nd century BC in the reign of the first Qin Emperor Qin Shihuang to transport suppliers to his army. It links the Xiang River (which flows into the Yangtze River) and the Tan River (which flows into the Pearl River), thus connecting two of the major waterways of China. Ling Canal is one of the famous Guilin tour attractions.

Xingan Ling Canal Guilin

You can see the Ling Canal at Xing'an, a market town of about 30,000 people, two hours by road from Guilin. The town is also connected to Guilin by rail; a local train leaves Guilin in the morning and another returns in the afternoon. Two canals flow through the town, one at the north end and one at the south; the total length of the canal is 34km. The local sights include Feileishi (Flying in From Elsewhere Rock), the Su Bridge (aka Zhuangyuan Qiao or the Bridge of the Number One Scholar), Doumen Gate, Daxiao Tianping (the Big and Small Draining Weirs), Xieshui Tianping (the Draining Weir), Qin Embankment,Qin Culture Square, Huazui (the Mouth of Ploughshare) and the something called the Memorial Hall of the Four Local Worthies.

Guilin Ling CanalLing Canal, Ling Qu

Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
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