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Longji Rice Terraces

Longsheng County is within the Guilin area (prefecture), Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Its main attraction is the Longji rice terraces ( Longji Titian), called Dragon Backbones by the locals. Also of interest are the hot springs and the small mountain villages among the wooded areas of trees and bamboos. Longji Terraced Field is located about 100km northeast of the downtown Guilin, about 2 hours' drive from Guilin. The rice terraces are built into the hillsides. Longji literally means " Dragon's Backbone"in Chinese. There is a group of large-scaled rice terraces built into the hillside. Some of the terraces look like great chains, other look like ribbons as they extend from the foot to the top of the hills. This clever building makes the best use of the limited arable land and water resources in the mountainous area. The Terraces were first started in the Yuan dynasty and finished in the Qing dynasty by the Zhuang people.

Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces

Well-known as the most amazing terrace in China, the Longsheng Rice Terrace is 2 hours ride from Guilin. Making the terraces began in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and the projects lasted till the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when construction was completed. Where there is soil, there is a terrace', it now covers an area of 66 square kilometers.

The best time to come to this spot before July as there is water in the fields and you can have your photo taken with water reflection, otherwise, other tiem only give you an empty terrace fields and you will find no water reflection in the fields, and your photo would not looks as as good as those taken with water reflection. However, Autumn offers a different color of the striking rice terraces.

Longji Rice Terrace, Longsheng Titian


Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
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