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Merry Land

Merry Land is situated in Xing'an County, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 63 kilometers from Guilin City, 45 minutes drive from Guilin. Major attractions of the resort are: the Golf Club, the Resort Hotel, the Forest Resort Cottage, and the Theme Park. It was granted as the National AAAAA (top) Scenery in 2007. It's an attraction worth visiting in your Guilin tour apart from Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Cave, etc.

Merry Land Theme Park includes five sections: Merry China Town, exciting American Western Area, magical Dream World, mysterious Pirate Village, noble Europe Area and ardent South Pacific Area.

Wind and Rain Bridge in Merryland Merryland Corsair/ Pirate Ship
Wind and Rain Bridge of Dong Nationality
Corsair (Pirate's Ship) in Merryland

Stramonium Garden has the new eight sceneries of the Merry Land. These sceneries are: Ling Lake with Mist, Dong Wind and Rain Bridge, Lovers alongside Mandala Pathway, Good Will for Match Maker (Pagoda of Matchmaking God), Cloudy Sky with Luck, Spreading Pine Trees, Missing Love in the Dusk Dyke and Beautiful Flowers like Sky Cloud.

There are still the Resort Hotel -- a 5-star holiday hotel, and the Merry Land Golf Club-- the largest golf club in Guangxi; all offers tourists and visitors with good facilities. Except the Chinese New Year's Eve, the park is open everyday.

Guilin Merry Land

Tips for visit to Merry Land:

1. Pets are not allowed at the resort.
2. Visitors with heart problems or high blood pressure should avoid activities such as bungee jumping and switchback car sitting.
3. The Merry Land express runs from Guilin Bus Station to the resort at thirty-minute intervals.
4. Tickets for the Theme Park are valid for 1 day only.
5. All food and drink must be purchased at the Merry Land Resort.


Visional Li River
Visional Li River
Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
Seeing the clear water you cannot help jumping into the Li River
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