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Seven Star Park

Seven Star Park (Qixing Park) is on the eastern side of the Li River; cross over Liberation Bridge and the Ming Dynasty Flower Bridge (Hua Qiao) to the park. The park takes its name from its seven peaks which are supposed to resemble the star pattern of the Ursa Major (Big Dipper) constellation. There are six caves in the park of which Long Yin Yan (Dragon Hiding Cave) and Qi Xing Yan (Seven Star Cave) are the most impressive. Visitors have been coming here for centuries and leaving inscriptions (graffiti) on their walls. It takes a lot of imagination (one maybe a lot of drugs) but you can gawk at stalagmites and stalactites with names like "Monkey Picking Peach" and "Two Dragons Playing Ball'. There is a temple near the Qi Xing Yan, which was originally built in the Tang Dynasty and restored many times in the successive dynasties. The current was built in 2002, but has a smaller scale. There's also a children's playground in the park; cross Flower Bridge and turn left, the playground is a short walk down and off to the left of the track, but you'll have to look for it since it's obscured by trees and shrubs.

Incense Burner in Seven-star Park

To get to the Seven Star Park take bus No. 11 from the Guilin Train Station can reach the main gate; No. 6, No. 14 and No. 58 (free) can reach other gates; also you can take the 4A tour cars (only for tourists) or by many other bus routes. Due to the big area, the park offers accumulator cars for those who don't like having a walking visit the fee is about 5 Yuan.

Waterfall in Serven Stars ParkGuilin Seven Star CaveFlower Bridge in Serven Stars Park

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