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Meijiawu Tea Village

To understand the brilliant past and equally bright future of tea in China, there is one place where a visit is a must - Meijiawu Village, Hangzhou that is located in the West Lake District. Here elaborate tea taking ceremonies are held, you will be able to understand why partaking in tea ceremonies is of such importance in Chinese.

Meijiawu Village Entrance in Hangzhou

The ancient Chinese had long discovered the merits of tea both as a relaxing beverage and a drink with herbal medicinal properties. Taking tea dates back to several centuries before the birth of Lord Jesus and one of the most well known dynasties in China, the Han Dynasty considered tea to a medicine for a variety of ailments. But the usage of tea as a social drink for pleasurable purposes dates back from the Tang Dynasty. Around 760 AD, drinking tea in China was quite popular.

Hangzhou Meijiawu Tea Village

Elaborate tea taking ceremonies are held here in Meijiawu Tea Village. The West Lake District is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hangzhou city. Meijiawu Village in particular is reputed for its history of serving exquisite tea. This picturesque village will enable you to experience the pleasure of a perfect cup of tea, watch several tea ceremonies and most interesting selected tea under professional supervision. Chinese tea can be of different varieties, you might or again might not require some advice or help in selecting a particular brand. Beside the Meijiawu Tea Village, do not leave out the famous hills, rivers, villas, springs, pavilions and gardens of Hangzhou; listen to the bells of ancient Lingyin Temple; reviewing the patriotic stories of General Yue Fei of Song Dynasty in the Yue Temple...

Meijiawu Tea Village Statue




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Pavilion on the lakeside
Pavilion on the lakeside
Zigzag Bridge on Xihu
Zigzag Bridge on Xihu
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