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Huashan Mystical Grottos

Also named Mystical Grottos in Flower Hill, the Chinese name is Huashan Mi Ku, found by a farmer when he climbed up the Flower Hill (Huashan) to cut wood in 2000. The grottos are only 15 kilometers from Huangshan City.

Flower Hill

There are totally 36 grottos distributively found in the foot of the Flower Hill now, they extend about 5 kilometers along the hill. The grotto interiors show evidence of having been chiseled. As no debris has been found in or around them, archeologists and scientists have yet do discover when and how they were built. Who built and for what? They surmise that these grottos are for troops shelters, or for food shelters or for men slaughter, some hold the points that they are the ancient stone quarry or the ancient emperors' tombs. But none evidence can they find. It is sill an archeological and scientific conundrum today.In these grottos, there are many giant stones and stone carvings are found, they look like birds, beasts, pavilions… they areregarded as the history museum of stone culture of the ancient Anhui.

Huashan Mystical Grotts

Among the grottos, it is particularly worth mentioning is that the Grotto No.35, which is the largest one of its kind that found in Huashan now, extolled as the Underground Palace and Cool Palace, 18 meters in highest point, 170 meters in length, with an area of 12,000 square meters. There are 26 stone pillars triangularly supporting its ceiling, inside the grotto, there are many stone rooms, stone beds, stone bridges, stone storied buildings, stone gutters, and stone pools… this grotto is very good ventilated inside, do not feel any discomfort. Its strange structure of the stone wall absorbs the acoustic waves, therefore, no matter makes how loud hubbub, even the slightest echo is not heard inside.

picture of Huashan Mystical Grotts

Too many mysteries hide in the Huashan Grottos, shoals of tourists come here try to unveil them every day. But when they are indulging in exploring the mysterious caves in the Huashan Mystical Grotto Area, they miss the beauty of pastoral, clear water, green hills, cliff-stone carvings, grotesque rocks, ancient temples and many other ancient buildings.

35th Mystical Grotts in Huashan
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