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World Natural Heritage - Mt. Huangshan

The great ancient Chinese traveler Xuxiake writes in his travel notes: Returning from my five holy mountains' tour I don't visit any mountain any more, while I finish my Mt. Huangshan tour I decided not to trip to the five holy mountains again. Mt. Huangshan is the marvel on the planet, is one of the most photographed attractions in China. And any 1st time visitor to this mountain can understand why.

Sunrise in Mt.Huangshan

Mountain Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) not only boasts of its various seas: sea of unique peaks, sea of clouds, sea of pines, sea of flowers, sea of rocks and sea of snow (in Winter)…but the magnificent sunrise and sunset. Tourists who come here are mainly amazed at their grand beautifulness and captured by the mountain's five wonders: clouds, odd pines, grotesque rocks, springs and magnificent sunrise.

Grand Peaks of Yellow Mountain

"Mt. Huangshan is picturesque all the year round", as the Chinese saying goes. It is winter, however, where the most incredible natural spectacle occurs: peaks, odd pines, grotesque rocks covered by snow, they show their dramatic shapes; after drizzle, trees are covered with rime; sun rise from the sea of clouds and set in the snow world reflecting rosy clouds; vapors curling up from the springs.

Clouds of Sea in Mt.Huangshan

For landscape enthusiasts throughout the world, Huangshan is always the final frontier they dream of exploring and getting acquainted with. Indeed, landscape tour packages for Huangshan Mountain seem to be the flavor of the season with tourists making a beeline for them.

High-up Steps
The call of Huangshan tour is just too strong, as for its spectacular landscape and the nearby ancient villages which were listed on the World Cultural Heritage Catalogue by UNESCO. We China Fact Tours will customize the Huangshan tour packages for our guests. Please choose your favorite Huangshan tour packages and inquire us.

Tour Packages Include Mt. Huangshan

  • 10 Days Ancient Gardens Overview
  • 4 Days Huangshan Tour
  • 6 Days Huangshan, Hangzhou, Shanghai Tour
  • 8 Days Huanshan, Hangzhou, Shanghai Tour
  • 10 Days Huanshan, Hangzhou, Shanghai Tour
  • 13 Days Huandshan, Jindezhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai Tour
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