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Qingliangfeng National Park

Qingliangfeng (Qingliang Peak) is located on the joint of Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province, near to the Huangshan Mountain in Ahui. Qingliangfeng is the main peak of the Tianmu Mountain of Zhejiang, about 1787 meters above sea level. It's the second highest peak in eastern China just next to Mt. Huangshan. The Qingliangfeng National Park is within Lin'an City of Zhejiang. Granted by the State as the Natural Protection Area in 1979 for its plentiful wildlife resources. It's a tourist attraction near Mountain Huangshan.

QingliangfengQingliangfeng Autumn Falling LeavesQingliangfeng FoxTrecking in Qingliangfeng National ParkQingliangfeng wildlife - owl


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