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Baoshan Stone City

This mysterious Naxi citadel hides deep in the green Jinsha River Valley northeast of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Just like the Inca city of Machu Picchu, Baoshan is also a stone city (properly speaking, it is a small stone village). The village is surrounded by cliffs on four sides with the Jinsha River flowing below and a small path leading to the outside world, one meter wide, creeps along the edge of the village. The people here use stones to build every thing as they can include their houses, desks, tables, beds, pillows, water vats, cisterns, and kitchen ranges. All these stone objects are polished smoothly. They have recorded the Naxi people’s life for centuries. The most wonderful thing in the village is the independent aqueducts/irrigation system. The villagers use them for each track of field, but without any affection on those of others'.

Baoshan Stone City Lijiang

Different from the Machu Pichu of the Inca Empire, the Baoshan Stone City has existed for thousands of years. The Naxi people found here and built a town on a huge rock. They develop from a nomadic ethnic group, their relocation from northwest China to the bank of the Jinshajiang River had lasted about a thousand years. Today, more than one hundred households live here. They still keep the ancient tradition and lead a free and peaceful life on this giant rock.

Lijiang Baoshan Stone City

Baoshan Stone City (or Baoshan Stone Village) lies at an elevation of 4,600m and in a section of the beautiful Tiger Leaping Gorge, about 110 km from Lijiang Old Town. If you want to see the picturesque scenery and learn about the architecture of Naxi people, the old Naxi traditions, the mystic Naxi civilization, then you couldn't have found a better place than this site!

Baoshan Stone City in Lijiang

The Baoshan Stone City is a famous attraction around Lijiang. China Fact Tours has excellent tour packages to this beautiful scenic spot.


The famous world cultural heritage site Old Town of Lijiang boasts the cradle of the mystic Naxi civilization, which is the optimum tourist destination to experience the Yunnan local history, culture and flavor of the Chinese minorities. The old town should not be missed if you plan a Lijiang tour.

Naxi-style architecture
Naxi-style architecture
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