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Lijiang Mountain Laojun

The Mountain Laojun (Laojun Shan, Mt. Laojun) stands 70 km upward the First Bend of Yangtze River. It is known as the “Grandfather of all mountains in Yunnan Province”, according to the myth, after the magic mirror of Supreme Laojun (Laozi, the Supreme Patriarch of Taoism, regarded as a god) fell sown out of his carelessness, and the 99 broken pieces tuned into the 99 clean Dragon Ponds on top of the mountain, hence the name.

The Ninety-nine Dragon Ponds, the god of Supreme Laojun, and the Danxia Topography are regarded as the top three treasures of Mt. Laojun, with a number of interesting place like Mt Jinsichang, South Heaven Gate, Azalea Bush, Yellow Dragon Pool, Meile Peach Garden, Mountain of Five Immortals, Buddha Rock in Morning Sunshine, Mountain of Bird King, Ninety-nine Dragon Ponds, Black Dragon Pool, Sishiluo, and Anqilin.

The Mountain Laojun is a famous attraction around Lijiang. China Fact Tours has excellent tour packages to this beautiful mountain.



The famous world cultural heritage site Old Town of Lijiang boasts the cradle of the mystic Naxi civilization, which is the optimum tourist destination to experience the Yunnan local history, culture and flavor of the Chinese minorities. The old town should not be missed if you plan a Lijiang tour.

Tour Packages Include Shanghai Museum

Snow mountain by Lijiang old town
Snow mountain by Lijiang old town
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