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Yuyuan Market

At the north-eastern end of the old Chinese city - Shanghai, this centers on what is known as Yuyuan Market or Yuyuan Bazaar, it combines the Temple of the Town Gods (Chenghuangmiao). The place gets some 200,000 visitors daily, people just come here to gawk at each other, mix, buy, sell and eat – it 's all entertaining enough.

Shanghai Yu Yuan Market

The Temple of the Town Gods first appeared in the Song Dynasty, and disappeared somewhere in the last paragraph. The main hall was rebuilt in 1926 with reinforced concrete and ha recently undergone renovation after being used as a warehouse.

Fanning out from the Temple of the Town Gods and the Yu Garden is the Yuyuan shopping area. You enter the main action area via the Wuxinting Teahouse, a five-sided job set in a pond and looking as old as tea itself set in a pond and looking as old as tea itself, the zigzag bridges leading to the teahouse. The surrounding bazaar has something like 100 small shops selling the tiny, the curious and tourist junk. You can get antiques, fans scissors, bamboo articles, steamed ravioli, vegetarian buns, wine and meat dumplings, chicken and duck blood soup, radish-shred cakes, shell carvings, paintings, jigsaws.

Shanghai Yuyuan MarketShanghai Yuuan Market in Shanghai
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