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Maple Bridge

The Maple Bridge (Feng Bridge, Fengqiao) is one of the most important resources of Suzhou scenic area. The area has unique and high historical culture value. Feng Bridge (Maple Bridge) is only hundreds steps distance from the Hanshan Temple.

Since the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Ji wrote down the poem "Night Berthing at Feng Bridge", the maple bridge becomes more famous throughout China. (The general meaning of the poem is: When the moon sunk in the foggy night, and the crow is tweeting. I cannot get into sleep in anxiety and watch the lights in the fishing boats on the river. Suddenly the mid-night tolling the Hanshan Temple located outside the Suzhou city is heard in the guest boat. )

Suzhou Feng Qiao, Maple Bridge

Maple Bridge is located on the Grand Canal. There are two streets by the river - the Fengqiao Street and Hanshansi Lane, which form local street markets. Fengqiao Old Town is a unique Chinese water village worth a visiting with its Maple Bridge and Hanshan Temple during your Suzhou tour.

Suzhou Maple Bridge (Feng Qiao)
Address:North of Hanshan Tempe, Suzhou


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