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Surging Wave Pavilion

A bit on the wild side with winding creeks and luxuriant trees. Surging Wave Pavilion (Cang Lang Ting) is one of the oldest gardens in Suzhou, completed in the 11th century, destroyed and reconstructed more than a few times. Originally the villa of a prince, it passed into the hands of a scholar, Su Zimei, who gave it the poetic name. One hectare in size, the garden attempts to create illusion between outside and inside scenery by stealing scenes from the surroundings – from the pool immediately outside to the distant hills. The windows of the buidings in Canglangting are unique and vivid, diverse in 108 paterns. Enlightened Way (Mingdao) Hall, the largest building, is said to have been a site for delivery of lectures in the Ming Dynasty. 'The Hall of 500 Celebs', where 594 precious stone statues are embeded in the walls. They are all the famous peoples' images of Suzhou (span from the Zhou Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty).

Canglangting is situated in NO. 3 Canglangting Stree, Renmin Lu, it was listed as the World Cultural Heritage Site in 2000.

Suzhou Surging Wave Pavilion EntranceSuzhou Cang Lang Ting Suzhou Surging Wave Pavilion

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