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Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges, lying on the Madu River, one of Daning River’s branches in Mt. Wushan, once called Wushui, originates from Mt. Daba, at the junction of Sichuan, Hubei and Shanxi Provinces. It flows into the Yangtze River through the western end of Wu Gorge. The meandering path of the Daning River and its soaring peaks form a unique landscape. The Small Three Gorges are made up of Longmen Gorge (Dragon Gate Gorge), Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge (Emerald Gorge).  

Lesser Three Gorges, besides this name, it has the other three translated names: Little Three Gorges, Small Three Gorges and Three Little Gorges. The gorges are regarded as one of exciting sections of the Yangtze River Cruise for its many splendorous scenic spots such as the Sheep Cliff, White Dragon Crossing the River Waterfall, Madu River, Stalactite Buddhism Cliffy…trip to the Lesser Three Gorges, tourists can find many unthinkable human landscapes, such as the ancient coffins placed high on the precipitous cliffs, mystique carvings on the cliffs, ancient plank roads built along the cliffs… Just close your eyes and let loose your imagination when you visit the Lesser Three Gorges.

Lesser Three GorgesSuspension Ancient Coffin

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Suspension Coffins on cliffs along Yangtze RiverSuspension Coffins at Lesser Three Gorges


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