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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream or Shennong Brook is a famous tributary of the Yangtze River, only 60 kilometers long, also known by its Chinese name of "Shennong Xi". Rising in the north face of the Shengnong Jia Natural Protection Area and twining through Badong County, the stream meets the Yangtze River at the Wu Gorge. Boating on the stream is one of the highlights of the Yangtze Cruise. Along the stream, tourists will hear the cry of monkeys; spot the dzerens, river deer, and Moschus moschiferouses; enjoy the boat trackers' songs; see the mystic time-honored coffins placed on the cliffs, ancient plank roads built along the cliffs, primitive environment, and old villages…anyone who visits the stream will be intoxicated by its mystery.

Shenmong Stream of Yangtze River

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Shenmong Stream of Yangtze River


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