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Three Gorges

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, a world-renowned tourist attraction, start at Baidicheng (White Emperor City) in Fengjie County in the west and east at Nanjingguan Pass (Southern Crossing) in Yichang to the east, passing through Badong, Zigui counties and Yichang City in Huber Province. The total length of the gorges extends 193 kilometers. Except the Daning River valley and the Xiangxi (Fragrant Stream) Valley, the gorges themselves are 93 kilometers long. The first gorge of the three from west to east, known as Qutang Gorge, is 7 kilometers, Wu Gorge, the second one, runs west to east for 44 kilometers; Xiling Gorge, the last of the three, extends a distance of 42 kilometers.

Qutang Gorge of Three Gorges

The steep mountains, the dangerous rugged shoals and the turbulent waters are characteristic of the gorges. The perpendicular cliff and grotesque peaks with clouds wrapping them in a blanket of mist create one of nature’s most majestic sights.

Wu Gorge of Three Gorges

The Three Gorges themselves are a long poem, a mysterious natural gallery. Qutang Gorge is famous for the ancient coffins placed on the cliffs and its magnificent precipices, the latter which form a colossal, nearly perfect gate over the river. Wu Gorge, with soaring fascinating mountain peaks rising from the riverbanks, is severe and secluded, and presents a panorama of lovely scenery. Xiling Gorge is noted for its numerous hidden rocks and perilous shoals. The stunning scenery along the gorges, which never fails to appeal to visitors, will surely make them admire the mysterious creative power of nature.

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Xiling Gorge of Three Gorges


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