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Shopping in Beijing

The metropolis of Beijing has several shopping districts offering a great variety of goods. The traditional shopping districts have been always Huangfujin Street, Qianmen Street, Dongdan and Xidan Commercial Street but now Jianguomen Wai Street and Chaowai Street have risen to the top for the latest and most luxurious items. Shopping at outdoor markets also become popular for foreign travelers to Beijing.


What to buy in Beijing? Beijing featured Products:

Color Glazed Ware  
Dough Figurine  
Jade Ware  
Lacquer work 
Palace Lantern  


Where to buy in Beijing? Beijing Shopping areas:

Chaowai Yuexiu Clothing Market  
Liulichang Antiques Street 
Panjiayuan Market  
Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market 
WangFujing Shopping Street  
Xiushui Street(Silk Market)
Tianyi Wholesale Market


a queen's portrait of the Qing dynasty
a queen's portrait of the Qing dynasty
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