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Kunming Shopping

What to buy in Kunming? Kunming Special Products:

Kunming handcraft products are delicate and special, such the Glass Painting and Woodcarving. Besides the Kunming wild mushroom and Yunnan Tobacco are also good gifts for friends. Below is a list of Kunming special products and handcrafts products:

Ganba Mushroom Glass painting
Yunnan Baiyao (White Medicinal Powder)
Dai Brocade
Wax Dyeing
Wood carving
Dai bamboo basketry
Jewels and jades Spotted bronze craftwork
Woodcarving craftwork Xuanwei Ham
Yunnan Go (Weiqi) chess sets Yunnan Tobacco


Where to buy? Kunming Shopping Areas & Districts:

Shopping is really convenient in Kunming because there are many shopping malls, department stores, supermarket and exclusive agencies. Qingnianlu Commercial Street, Zhengyilu Shopping Street, Luosiwuan retail market Night market, Zhengyi Road and Dongfenglu Commercial Street are the best places for shopping.


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