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Shanghai Shopping

    Shanghai is one of the most prosperous cities in the world where you can buy almost anything during your Shanghai tour. Below are the brief introduction to Shanghai local products and shopping areas & districts.


    Where to buy in Shanghai? Shanghai Special Local Products

    Dough Sculpture
    Jiading Yellow Grass Knitting
    Shanghai Embroidery
    Shanghai Silk
    Shanghai Qipao
    Chongming Hairy Crab
    Shanghai Pudong Chicke
    Houyin Fish (Noodle Fish)
    Jingjing Pickled Tofu (Jinjing Furu)
    Pear Paste Candy (Shanghai Ligao Tang)
    Shanghai Juicy Peach (Shanghai Shuimitao)


    Shanghai Shopping Areas & Districts

    The main shopping streets, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road offer so many international brand-names. But if you are not interested in fashion and prefer shopping at outdoor markets, try Shanghai's numerous flee markets. Beneath Shanghai's magnificent shopping malls, department stores and boutiques, flourish numerous flee markets. The outdoor bazaar at Yuyuan Garden sells various souvenirs and art & crafts while the markets the "Cultural Street Market" on Fuzhou Road, the "Antique Street Market" on Dongtai Road and " Clothes street market on Shimen Road are traditional Chinese open-air markets. Have a unique shopping experience as well as see old traditional side of Shanghai, opposite to its glorious appearance.

    Nanjing Road
    Established in 1851, Nanjing Road was known as one of the ''World's Seven Great Roads'' during the 1930s. Today, it is making a rapid comeback! The road stretches from The Bund east towards Hongqiao, with People's Square (Shanghai's center) in the middle. The street has back-to-back shops and stores selling garments and food. You can find "Commerce King," Shanghai's top department store in the area.

    Huaihai Road
    Huaihai Road was built in 1901 to commemorate the Huaihai Battle during the Liberation. Today, with over 400 shops, restaurants, and businesses, this historic road is synonymous with fashionable Shanghai. The remnants of French architecture lend the street its cosmopolitan charm.
    Add: Huaihai Lu, Luwan District, Shanghaii.

    North Sichuan Road
    Located in Hongkou District, North Sichuan Road is best known for its gold, optical, shoe and clothing stores. You can find all kinds of goodies here, but it pays to shop around, as prices vary greatly from store to store. Add: Sichuan Beilu, Hongkou District, Shanghai.

    Fuzhou Road
    Once known as "Culture Street," Fuzhou Road is comprised of shops dealing in cultural items, ranging from books to music to art. Trendsetters and wanna-bes like to stroll the road and window- shop.
    Add: Fuzhou Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

    Yuyuan Shopping City
    Known as Shanghai's "Kingdom of Arts and Crafts,'' Yuyuan offers antiques, jadeware, gold and silver ornaments, bottle-stoppers, and silk threads, among other things.
    Add: 267 Fangbang Zhonglu, Shanghai

    New Shanghai Shopping City
    New Shanghai Shopping City offers top-notch retail facilities and amenities, located in the middle of Pudonglujiazui Finance and Trade Zone.
    Add: Mid-part of Financial & Trade Zone, Lujiazui, Pudong District, Shanghai.

    Xujiahui Shopping City
    Located in the south of the city at the Xujiahui metro station, Xujiahui boasts department stores, shopping malls, and electronics superstores, including: Grand Gateway, Oriental Department Store, Pacific Shopping Centre, Huijin Department Store, Metro City, 6th Department Store, Pacific Digital Plaza, Zhongxing Department Store, Huilian Department Store, and Buynow Mall. Jianguo Hotel and Huating Hotel are also in the area. Add: Xuhui District, Shanghai.

    Jiali Sleepless City
    Sells curios, souvenirs, art, indigenous crafts, coins, stamps, magnetic cards, and much more. Add:Zhabei District, Shanghai.


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