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Suzhou Shopping

    Shopping in Suzhou would be happy things to do for travellers. Since ancient times, Suzhou has been one of the silk production capitals of the world. Chinese silk embroidery and Suzhou' s fabulous brocades are of particularly high quality, the most famous among them patterned after a style prominent during the Song Dynasty. Handcrafted silk fans carved out of sandalwood are another Suzhou local product, as are decorative writing brushes. Many cities in southern China have a form of tea for which they are well-known, and Suzhou is no exception: keep your eye open for biluochun tea – the Kangxi Emperor loved it, and it' s priced accordingly! If you' re after antiques, Suzhou will keep you busy, but remember: most ''antiques'' in China are skilful reproductions – something that the store proprietor will usually confirm if you ask.


    What to buy in Suzhou? Suzhou Special Products

    Suzhou Silk Embroidery
    Suzhou Writing Brushes
    Suzhou Leshi Ink stone
    Gold and Silver Ware
    Jade Carving
    Lacquer ware Carving
    Lingbi Rock
    Padauk Carving
    Suzhou's Biluochun Tea
    Su Brocade
    Suzhou Fan
    Suzhou Musical Instruments


    Where to buy in Suzhou? Suzhou Shopping Districts

    Suzhou, a city famous for its long history and ancient gardens, have some special streets, in which you can feel the charm of history and the joy of shopping. Among the shopping districts you should target if you' re in the market for local products is Guanqian Pedestrian Shopping Street, where many of the shops and markets you need are clustered. If you' re looking for modern clothes or everyday items, there are plenty of shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets to choose from.

    Guanqian street Shantang Street

    Guanqian Pedestrian Shopping Street

    Shiquan Street


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