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Shopping in Lhasa

Useful Tips for Lhasa Shopping

There are department stores, mostly on Yuhok Road that will supply your everyday needs in Lhasa, Tibet. Lhasa has many special local products whih may make good souvenirs to take back home. They are Tibetan Thangka, Tibetan silver ornaments, yak wool, Dzi bead, aweto, milk products, Tibetan liquor and Lhasa sweet tea as well as various handicrafts and Tibetan medicines.

Featured Lhasa Products

Gold and silver wares Handicrafts
Lhasa Sweet Tea Milk products
Necklace Tibetan carpet
Tibetan Incense Tibetan Liquor
Tibetan Medicine Tibetan Silver Ornaments

Where to buy in Lhasa?

Barkhor street is the most popular shopping street in Lhasa. Small shops and stalls on the street sell many usual and fascinating items, for both religious and secular uses. Blow are some shopping districts in Lhasa:

Shopping Area Rank Shopping Area Rank
Barkhor Street Barkhor Thangka Gallery
Duosenge Lu Fontainebleau Gallery
Lagang Clothes Shop Lhasa Department Store
Manual Thangka Specialty Shop More Shopping Places in Lhasa
OZARK Specialty Shop Potala Thangkas Gallery
Tianjie Outdoors Shop Xiamao Gabu Antique Shop


Potala Palace Statues
Statues in Potala Palace
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