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Shopping in Xian

What to buy and where to do the shopping in Xian? Xi'an is an excellent place to pick up all the souvenirs you've been resisting in other cities like Beijing, Shanghai, where the prices are higher. Most colorful of Xi'an's souvenir meccas is Huajue Xiang, an alleyway running along the side of the Great Mosque and absolutely bursting with every conceivable knickknack. Xi'an paper cuttings, lacquer, jade and wood carvings, prints of famous Chinese artwork and paintings done by suburban farmers can be had for a great price with a little haggling.

Though real antiques are hard to come by, it's not altogether impossible to find something of real value at Huajue if you have a little patience and know what you're doing. The most prevalent city-specific souvenirs are the numerous Terracotta Warrior replicas, some so small they can fit easily in your pocket and others that are so big, you'll need an extra suitcase just to get them home. Shuyuanmen offers a similar selection of wares. Modern fashions and accessories are not as accessible here as they are in other major Chinese cities, but there plenty of department stores, malls, and plazas that can adequately provide the basics. The highest concentration of these stores can be found around Jiefang Road, Dongdajie and Xidajie.


Xian Specail Products

Some famous Xian special products include the Lantian Jade, imitations of the Qin terracotta warriors, bronze wares, paintings drawn by the peasants in Hu County, paper cuts, Fengxiang clay sculptures and shadow puppet Silhouette figures, calligraphy rubbings, green porcelain, Tang pottery replicas and so on. At the local tourist markets, you can choose your favorite. The recommended places: Shuyuanmen Jie and Humin Jie, Dongdajie and Xidajie. These streets are closed to the Bell Tower. These local products are good shopping choices for traveller during their Xian tours.


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