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Tibet Travel Permits

How to get travel permits / travel permission document to Tibet?

Different from those who visit other tourist destinations of China, except the Chinese visas, the travelers (including those of Taiwan area, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region , Macau Special Administrative Region and other areas and countries) who visit Tibet need to obtain the special Travel Permits issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau or other Tibet local authorities before entry. In short, to visit different areas of Tibet need to get different permits. The permits are issued only to the travelers taking the individual and group tours operated by China’s tour operators. The tour operators can assist the travelers to obtain the travel permission documents. The following information is required for the Tibet Travel Permit applications, names in full, nationality, passport number, sex, date of birth and occupation. The normal application procedure for Tibet travel permits takes 3 -7 days. If you want to get the Tibet travel permits promptly and book a tour with China Fact Tours please contact with us by the following email:

info@chinafacttours.com   or   booking@chinafacttours.com



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