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Highlights of 10 days - Water Towns, Famous Gardens and Mt.Huangshan Landscape Tour

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Destinations: Shanghai→ Huangshan→ Hangzhou → Shanghai → Zhouzhuang → Suzhou → Shanghai
Note:B, L, D denote breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

* 10 Days' tour itinerary give a taste of beauty of water towns, famous ancient gardens in Suzhou, Hangzhou and natural sighteeing in Mt. Huangshan, Guilin...

Day 1
Shanghai/ Huangshan
No Highlights Today

Day 2
Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area

Mt. Huangshan: or Yellow Mountain, one of the famous Chinese scenic areas, a world-class tourist attraction. It is situated in Huangshan City, the southern part of Anhui Province, stretching about 40km from north to south and 30km from east to west. In Dec. 1990, it was listed on the Catalog of World Cultural and Natural Heritage by the UNESCO. In Feb. 2004, it was elected as the World Geology Park by the world organizations. Mountain Huangshan is famous for its unique topographical features, odd pines, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds, peaks, and the hot springs. It has been the popular tourist destination since the ancient times. For many years, Huangshan has become the most photographed attractions in China.

Day 3
Highlights Today: Stunning scenes of Mt. Huangshan; Hongcun Village

Stunning scenes of Mt. Huangshan: including the magical view of sunrise and sea of clouds, odd pine trees, grotesque rocks, and peaks of unique geologic formation…
Hongcun Village:or Hong Village, located at the north foot of Huangshan Mountain, 11km away from Yi County. It was built in the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279AD), covering an area of 19.11 hectare, looks like a buffalo in layout. Hongcu Village still keeps many Ming and Qing dynasties' style houses. It has the first-class water system in China, and is endowed with very beautiful rural scenery. Therefore, Hongcun Village enjoys the reputation of "Village in Traditional Chinese Painting".

Day 4
Highlights Today:Tunxi Old Street; Ink Stone Factory
Tunxi Old Street: a well-reserved Southern Song dynasty (960-1127AD) built street. It is 1273 meters in length, featured with many unique Anhui-style buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties. This old business pedestrian street is must stop for those who visit Huangshan.

Ink Slab Factory: In China, there are "Four Treasures of the Study", i.e. the writing brush, ink stick, ink slab (stone), and rice paper. It is said that the Anhui Ink Slabs are made from the grotesque stones from Mt. Huangshan, look very beautiful and unique. The Ink Slab Factory in Huangshan City you visit is one of the most famous of its kind in China. In this factory you will see the whole manufacturing process of ink slabs and know more about the Chinese ink slabs.


Day 5
Highlights Today: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Dragon Well Tea Plantation, Feilai Peak (Peak that Flying from Afar)

West Lake: located in the west of Huangzhou City, West Lake is thus named. Originally a lagoon, the lake was dredged in the 8th century. The West Lake Scenic Area sights include a collection of springs, creeks, lotus, old trees, ancient bridges, causeways, temples, pavilions, pagodas, and palaces with-manicured gardens and rock sculptures...

Lingyin Temple: the literal meaning is Temple of Soul's Retreat, perched at the foot of the Lingyin hill, the northwest of West Lake. It was put up and named by a celebrated Indian Buddhist in 326 AD. As one of the ten most famous Buddhist temples in China, it is well-known for the Feilai Peak opposite the temple, and its Buddhist buildings such as the 33.6-metre-high Grand Hall, pagodas, and a big camphor Buddha statue, more than 150 pieces of fine relief sculptures…

Dragon Well Tea Plantation:also called Longjing Tea, extolled as the queen of green tea, which is listed on the No.1 among the ten most famous Chinese tea brand names. In ancient China, it was ever the tribute of dynasties. In the West Lake Scenic Area, the big beautiful  Dragon Well Tea Plantation covers an area of over 333 hectare, in which tourist can help pick the fresh tea leaves, know something about the tea planting, taste sweet-scented tea, learn Chinese tea culture and history, and watch the dry tea leaves manufacturing procedure.

Feilai Peak: or Peak that Flying from Afar, standing next to the Lingying Temple. Over 1600 years ago, a famous Indian Buddhist standing in front of the peak, and said: "this peak is a small peak originally situated in the Lingjiu Mountain in centre India, but why can it fly here?" so the name. This peak is 168 meters above the sea level, formed by lime stones. It has many grotesque rocks, old trees, caves, and 345 pieces of cliff stone statuaries that can be dated back to from the 10th to 14th centuries.  

Day 6

Highlights Today: Shanghai Museum, the Bund
Shanghai Museum: Known for it's over 120,000 pieces of Chinese antiquities, it is one of the most famous museums in china.
The Bund: a "Long Corridor" along the Huangpu River at Shanghai, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the city. For over 100 years, it has been a symbol of Shanghai, also called No.1East Zhongshan Road, named after a famous forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution—Doc. Sun Yat-sen. The Bud is considered the World's Architectural Complex Fair as there are 52 tall buildings lining the road featuring Gothic style, Baroque style, Romanesque style, classical style, Renaissance style, Sino-Western Style…

Day 7

Highlights Today: Yu Garden (Yuyuan); Yuyuan Market; Jade Buddha Temple; Oriental Pearl TV Tower; Acrobatic Show
Yu Garden:Situated in the Shanghai old town district, originally built by an officer of the Ming dynasty in 1559 and finished in 1557. Covering an area of 4.7 hectare, it features ancient cultural artifact, pagodas, pavilions, carvings, rockeries, fountains, old trees and precious flowers etc.
Yuyuan Market:is a perfect combination of tourism, shopping, famous local food and Chinese folk entertainment. It is very bustling, and nearby the Yu Garden.
Jade Buddha Temple: rebuilt in 1918, it gets the name for the two big opalescent jade Buddha statues in the temple and is considered the Holy Land of metropolis. This world-famous temple houses many valuable cultural relics of different dynasties.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower:situated in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the third tallest one of its kind in the world. Towering over the city, it is 468 meters in height. For years, it has set tourism, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, meetings, exhibition, and other services in one. This landmark building is one of the tourist hot spot in Shanghai. Climb to the top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower if you want a bird's eye-view of beautiful Shanghai!

Acrobatic Show: Chinese acrobatic can be dated back to the Neolithic Age. It is a combination of multiple performances, such as dance, music, art, Chinese kungfu and various stunts etc. For years, Chinese acrobatic show has enjoyed a very high reputation for winning many international prizes. In Shanghai, you will be amazing at its wonderful performances: Silk Suspending, Diabolo Play, Calvaria Skills, and Trays Twirling…
Day 8

Highlights Today: Zhouzhuang Town; Grand Canal

Zhouzhuang: was a water village with a history of over 900 years before became a town, which is located between Shanghai and Suzhou. Known for its cultural traditions, small boats, old stone bridges, carvings, and unique ancient residences surrounded by networks of rivers. It enjoys the names of Oriental Venice and No. 1 Water Village of China.

Grand Canal: the oldest and longest canal in the world. It was dug in over 1,400 years ago for transporting the southern grains to the north. This 1,794-kilometer-long canal connecting Beijing and Hangzhou, boasts of the landscape on both sides of the river.

Day 9
Highlights Today:Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, Tiger Hill Park, and the No.1 Silk Factory.

Humble Administrator's Garden: built in 1509, covering an area of 4.1 hectares, captures the tourists with its historic southern-style buildings, grotesque rocks, waterscape and various plants. As one of the most four famous classical ancient gardens of China, it was listed on the Catalog of the World Cultural Heritage in 1997. 
Lingering Garden:built in over 400 year ago, about 2 hectares in area. It is famous for its magnificent architecture and the unparalleled garden layout. In this World Cultural Heritage site, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of waters and mountains, rural scenery, forest and courtyards as its Chinesemeaning indicates "lingering between heaven and earth forever".
Tiger Hill Park: regarded as the No.1 scenic spot of Suzhou and the symbol of the city. There are several famous historic sites in the park dating as far back as 500 BC of the Spring & Autumn Period (770-476BC). Many old legends hide in this park and await you to listen.

The No. 1 Silk Factory: Suzhou silk has been one of the four silk brands in China and has been exported to many countries since ancient time. In this silk factory, tourists will know more about silk production and its manufacturing process, and can purchase genuine delicate silk articles as well. 



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Mt. Huangshan
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