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What to Eat - Famous Chinese Dishes

There are totally eight dish systems in China. An excellent Chinese cuisine should be gratifying simultaneously in sight, smell, touch, taste and even sound. The first three schools of cuisines, Sichuan Dish, Shandong Dish and Guangdong Dish are most principles and famous dish systems.


Sichuan Dish: the flavor is mainly sour, tingling, spicy and piquant
Typical courses:
English Chinese - (pronunciation)
Sliced Cold Chicken - xiao jianji
Twice Cooked Pork - hui guo rou
Shredded Pork and Hot Sauce - yuxiang rousi
Spicy Hot Bean Curd - mapo doufu
Hot Pot - huoguo
Fish Flavored Eggplant - yuxiang qiezi
Reflecting Beef - dengying niurou
Couple's Beef Fillet - fuqi feipian


Shandong Dish: is characterized by its emphasis on aroma, freshness, crispness and tenderness; the flavor is mainly light, fresh and tender
Typical courses:
Trumpet Shell Braised In Soy Sauce - hongshao hailuo
Sweet And Sour Carp - tangcu liyu
Dezhou Stewed Chicken - dezhou paji
Caramelized Apples - basi pingguo


Guangdong Dish: good at cooking snakes, racoon dogs and monkeys; the flavor is mainly light, crisp, tasty and fresh
Typical courses:
Shark's Fin Soup - yuchi tang
Steamed Sea Bass - qingzhen luyu
Roasted Piglet - kao ruzhu
Iron Plate Beef - tieban niurou
Sweet and Sour Pork - gulao rou


Anhui Dish: its features are stressing oil, sauce color and fire
Typical courses:
Huangshan Braised Pigeon - huangshan zhengge
Hot Diced Pork - shenjin rouding
Wuwei Smoked Duck - Wuwei xunya


Hunan Dish: stresses tasty materials and its flavors highlight hot and sour
Typical courses:
Dong'an Chick - dong'an ziji
Peppery and Hot Chick - mala ziji
Lotus Seedpods With Crystal Sugar - bingtang xianglian


Jiangsu Dish: the flavors is moderate, palatably sweet and salty; full of nutrition
Typical courses:
Stewed Crab with Clear Soup - qingzheng xie
Long-boiled and Dry-shredded Meat - qingdun xiefen shizitou
Crystal Meat - shuijing yaoti
Jinling Salted Dried Duck - jinling yanshui ya


Zhejiang Dish: the flavor is light and fresh, tender and elaborate
Typical courses:
Sour West Lake Fish - xihu cuyu
Longjing Shelled Shrimp - longjing xiaren
Beggar's Chicken - jiaohua ji


Fujian Dish: characterized by pleasant color, light and fresh flavor; the flavor is light, sweet and sour
Typical courses:
Buddha Jumping Over the Wall - fo tiaoqiang
Snow Chicken - xuehua ji
Prawn with Dragon's Body and Phoenix's tail - fengwei xia

Besides, Shanghai dish and Beijng dish are also highly recommended. They are so delicious that even its aroma could make you lick your chaps. If you are just in Beijing or Shanghai, do not forget to taste some local dish.


Beijing dish has combined many advantages of other dish systems and becomes epicures' focus because of its own elegance, fresh flavor, and magnificence.
Typical Beijing dishes:
Beijing Roast Duck - Beijing kaoya
Instant-Boiled Mutton Mongolian Hot Pot - shuan yangrou
Braised Shark's Fin - huangmen yuchi
Sauteed Chicken With Green Peppers - jiangbao jiding
Sweet Cake With Dates - saqima


Beijing Roast Duck has the reputation of being the most delicious food Beijing has to offer. Eating Beijing Roast Duck is regarded as one of the two things you are absolutely supposed to do while in Beijing. The other one is climbing the Great Wall. It was made by heating the duck-stuffed with a mince of sheep's tripe, parsley, scallion, and salt-on a charcoal fire.

The two famous restaurants that serve Beijing Roast Duck are Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant and Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, both of which have a history of over one hundred years. They represent two different schools of roasting duck.


Different from the magnificence showed in the Beijing dish, Shanghai dish, stresses natural beauty and pursues simplicity and elegance. It is the youngest one in Chinese dish systems with a history only more than 400 years. Except its dishes, Shanghai snacks, such as Zongzi, Tangyuan (a kind of dumpling made with sticky rice), cat ears (a kind of cookie) are also well known.

Typical Shanghai dishes:
Sour and Hot Soup with Eel and Chicken - longfeng suanla tang
Black Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe - xiazi dawushen
Duck with Prawn Rounds - ruyi ya juan xian
Shrimps of Two Colors - shuangse xiaren
Boiled Crucian Carp with Clam - geli cuan jiyu
Steamed Beef in Rice Flour - yuanlong fenzheng niurou

Also, you may taste the court food and vegetarian food, which are all of unique flavors and nutrition. Various nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks are available in China. Tea, as the most popular drink in China, is also welcomed by foreigners.

Nonalcoholic drinks & Alcoholic drinks:
Tea - cha
Beer - pijiu
Coffee - kafei
Whiskey - weishiji jiu
Mineral Water - kuang quan shui
Vodka - futejia jiu
Milk - niunai
Grape Wine - putao jiu
Fruit Juice - guo zhi
Rice Wine - mi jiu
Coca-cola - kekou kele
Champagne - xiangbing jiu
Soda - qishui
Yellow Wine - huangjiu
Yoghurt - suannai
Cocktail - jiwei jiu


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