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Lijiang Travel Tips

Useful Tips for Lijiang Tour / Lijiang Tour Suggestions

    1. The higher the elevation, the thinner its air. Altitude sickness will result in symptoms such as dizziness, tiredness or headaches - and have difficulty in breathing so do not travel from a low-altitude city to Lijiang on the same day. Instead, spend at least one full day in Kunming to acclimate your body to its relatively thin air.

    2. April and October are the two most ideal months for Lijiang tour. The temperatures are pleasant and it doesn't rain as often; it rains a lot in July and August. That's important to know because heavy rains can trigger rock and mud slides, which can block roads.

    3. Unless you have firm hotel reservations in Lijiang, skip these ultra-popular Chinese holiday periods: Spring Festival (from mid-January to mid-February), May Day (first 3 days of May), and National Day (first week of October).

    4. There are 13 ethnic groups live in Lijiang namely Naxi, Bai, Mosuo, Xibo, Buyi, Hui, Pumi, Tibetan,Tujia, Lisu, Yi, Miao and Han. When visit their families, you’d better respect their etiquettes and taboos.

    5. Motor vehicles are completely forbidden in the old town and even bicycles have to be walked here. Even if you wanted to ride your bicycle, you would find the uneven stone streets of Lijiang extremely uncomfortable to ride on.

    6. Lijiang is separated into the old and new town with Lion Hill (a local landmark) marking the "dividing line". East of the hill is the old town, and to the west is the new town district.

    7. Souvenir prices tend to rise the closer you get to Sifang Street (Sifang Jie) in Lijiang. And remember prices are negotiable.

    8. Business hours in Lijiang (new town) are not fixed with most businesses operating from 9am-7pm.


    Lijiang Emergency Call Numbers

    110 Call police for help in any danger
    119 Dial this number when fire or other disaster happens
    120 Call for an ambulance
    122 Dial this number when a traffic accident happens


Naxi folk houses
Naxi folk houses
Naxi Old Man
Naxi Old Man
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