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Travel Issue Consultation

A little planning and knowledge will go a long way toward making your trip to the PRC go smoothly. Learning more about China and obeying the laws and respecting the customs will make your stay as pleasant and incident-free as possible.

Firstly, you are supposed to learn some information from the relevant agencies or departments (for example, the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs in U.S.A.) in your country. The organization is responsible for providing assistance and information to your country citizens traveling abroad. The information covers Consular Information Sheets, Public Announcements & Travel Warnings.

Consular Information Sheets

Consular Information Sheets are issued for every country in the world. They include such information as the location of your country embassy or consulate in the subject country, health conditions, political disturbances, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information, and drug penalties.

Travel Warnings, as well as Consular Information Sheets are issued when the State Department decides to recommend that citizens avoid travel to a certain country. .Public Announcements are issued as a means to disseminate information quickly about terrorist threats and other conditions overseas that pose significant risks to the security of American travelers.

Documents Safeguard

All citizens visiting China from other country for a month or more are encouraged to register with the embassy in Beijing or the nearest consulate of your country. Registration will assist posts in China in locating you in the event of an emergency at home or in replacing a lost or stolen passport.

You should also photocopy the data page of your passport and keep it in a separate place from your passport. In the event that your passport is lost, stolen, or in the possession of government officials, travel agents or tourism representatives, you will have the requisite information available, as well as proof of your identity and citizenship.

Remember to safeguard your passport. The loss or theft of a passport should be reported immediately to the police in the city where the loss occurs as well as to the embassy or nearest consulate general of your country. Citizens who give away or sell their passport in China could lead to arrest and prosecution in both China and in your country.

When you get your visa photos taken, make sure you get two extra copies, so that you can use them as passport photos so that they will be available in case of loss or theft of your passport. Keep these extra photos in a secure place separate from your passport.


For instance, in U.S.A, to obtain a passport for a minor under age 14, both parents' signatures are now required on the passport application form, or, if only one parent is applying, a signed statement from the non-applying parent, or evidence proving sole custody of the minor. For more information, please contact your state department by internet, telephone or fax.


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